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Penny Coffee House, The
331 - 5 Street South
Lethbridge Alberta Canada
T1J 2B4
Ph: 403-320-5282

A signature southern Alberta Chinook has blown in from the west, stirring up leaves and sending a hint of a shiver down your spine. You draw the collar of your coat up around your chin, tuck your fists into your pockets and head in the direction of a place in downtown Lethbridge that has warmed countless souls on brisk afternoons.

As you pull open the door, the hypnotic scent of freshly roasted coffee beans wafts up at you. You step inside, leaving the chill and the wind behind you on the street, and inhale with deep satisfaction. There’s a pleasant scuttlebutt about the place. Baristas and cooks clad in crisp aprons move about behind the counter, and patrons chat enthusiastically over steaming lattés, scratch-made soups, and teeming sandwiches wrapped in freshly baked bread. You find a seat, remove your coat and feel the warmth of the place flow through you.

The Penny Coffee House is a bohemian retreat in the heart of the city – a favorite haunt for anyone that loves all things inexplicably eclectic, appreciates the perfect cup of coffee, and craves the taste of home.