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Paradise Canyon Golf Resort
185 Canyon Boulevard West
Lethbridge Alberta Canada
T1K 6V1
Ph: 403-381-4653
Alt. Ph: 1-877-707-4653
Fax: 403-381-4653

The morning air around you is crisp and quiet as you approach the first tee. Taking your stance you feel the spikes on the bottom of your shoes bite into the soft ground. Feet apart, shoulders square, head down, easy grip. Even the songbirds seem to take the cue and fall silent as you draw back the club, cock your wrist at the apex of your swing, and then skillfully follow through. That familiar and coveted thwack, when titanium makes contact with the dimpled surface of a golf ball, cracks clean through air. Your gaze goes up only to be cast in the distance down a picture perfect river valley. “Nice drive”, you hear someone say, but you’ve no idea where your ball went. You’re too busy taking in the breathtaking scenery of the #1 rated golf course in Southern Alberta.

Paradise Canyon Golf Resort more than lives up to its name. It is truly a hidden oasis on the prairie, sheltered in the picturesque coulees below the city of Lethbridge. All eighteen holes on this Championship course offer big challenges for skilled players, yet provide enough options to allow golfers of all levels to enjoy the game. You’ll want to sit back a while and take in a cool drink and a good meal at the Clubhouse after your round. Better still, rent one of the beautifully appointed condos at the resort and spend the balance of your day at the pool, on the tennis courts, or on the Bocce pitch.