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O-Sho Restaurant Japanese Restaurant & Liquid Lounge
311 - 4 Street South
Lethbridge Alberta Canada
T1J 1Z9
Ph: 403-327-8382

You slip off your shoes, step into the traditional paper-wall booth and slide your legs easily under the low table. The gracious server offers you menus with a nod and a smile, and leaves quickly to fetch you a pot of tea. Scanning the selections, you settle upon a number of favourites and decide to venture out of your comfort zone a little by ordering a few things you’ve never seen before as well.

It isn’t long before a spectacular sushi boat is set before you. The feast is a rainbow of colours and a myriad of textures – true edible art. You fill your ceramic soy dish quickly, stir in a good dollop of wasabi, and make your choice with dexterous chopsticks. The first bite dissolves in your mouth. The fish is incredibly fresh and expertly filleted.

Taking another morsel from the sushi boat before you, you marvel at the wonder of finding a first class Japanese restaurant in the middle of the Alberta prairie.

O-Sho Japanese Restaurant has served traditional Japanese cuisine in Lethbridge for more than 20 years. Choose a private booth, sit at the sushi bar, or relax in the lounge for lighter bites and bit of sake.