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Devil's Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum
300 County Road
Warner Alberta Canada
T0K 2L0
Ph: 403-642-2118

Deep in the badlands of southwest Alberta is an prehistory that harkens back to a period in time millions of years before the first wagons ever blazed a trail across the prairie. Hidden in the coulees outside of Warner is the first and only ever discovered dinosaur nesting site in Canada – a true palaeontological wonder – the ancient nest of a mother Hadrosaur (a duckbill dinosaur) and several of her still unhatched eggs.

When you visit the Devil’s Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum, you’ll be able to walk down to the nesting site, identify fossils in their natural setting, and learn about the powerful forces that shaped this beautifully desolate landscape.

Inside the museum you’ll see more of the dinosaur fossils and artifacts the area is famous for, as well as a collection of items from the more recent past. Moving ahead through time, you’ll discover early settlers toys, tools and treasures of the region, memorabilia from both World Wars belonging to local soldiers, and learn of life in southwest Alberta from 1900s on.